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Caledonian Climate brings together responsible landholders and business leaders to reverse climate change through the long-term restoration of peatlands across Scotland.

There are many ways we can tackle climate change in Scotland but experience and scientific expertise demonstrates that restoring our ancient peatlands is one of the quickest and most cost-effective of all the Nature Based Solutions.

Everyone benefits from Caledonian Climate’s work. Businesses acquire the carbon credits they’re committed to as part of their net zero pathway. Vast peatlands are brought back to life. Biodiversity, animal life, natural habitats and water resources are nurtured. Climate change is challenged. Local jobs are created and communities are supported.

Developing your net zero story

Investing in carbon credits that restore Scotland’s ancient peatlands is far more than a transactional CSR exercise for our business clients. Unlike many other schemes, the Caledonian Climate approach brings an organisation’s environmental commitments to life.

Our clients can see the impact they’re making at ground level by embracing practical action. They discover the many positive consequences of their investment over the short, medium and long term – primarily in terms of climate change, but also in the quality of water, landscapes and biodiversity, and the future for local communities. And importantly, the initiative creates a powerful story for their net zero emissions strategy – one they can share with customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Making restoration easy for landholders

Meanwhile, our landholder clients know that we understand the obstacles and pressures they face. Peatland restoration brings many benefits but it is not without its challenges, particularly in terms of audits, verification and contractor management.

That’s why we take responsibility for the whole process, every step of the way – maximising the value of the project for our landholder partners, whilst mitigating any risks. And of course, we’re able to match them with the business clients that make the restoration financially viable.

If you’re a landholder or a business that would like to tackle the climate and nature emergency by realising the multiple compelling benefits of restoring Scotland’s ancient peatlands, we’d love to work with you.