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Our vision and values

Caledonian Climate is deeply committed to tackling climate change and biodiversity decline through the long-term restoration of degraded peatlands.

We believe that peatland restoration is the best option for businesses wishing to invest in a net zero emissions plan and nature restoration in Scotland.

While reforestation also has a huge role to play, our peatlands can deliver powerful climate change and nature benefits cost-effectively and very quickly. Peatland restoration also creates significant benefits in terms of biodiversity, water, supporting local jobs and involving Highland communities.

Our mission is to bring together forward-thinking landholders and business leaders to tackle the climate and nature emergency through restoring these ancient peatlands in ways that bring additional value to them and everyone involved. 

Our values embed within us a firm commitment to stringent scientific standards, diligent research and an approach to business that emphasises fairness and transparency. We’re also committed to measuring outcomes to ensure a positive long-term impact for everyone involved – businesses, landholders, local communities, and the flora and fauna that have made peatlands their home.

Caledonian Climate values

  • A passion for tackling climate change and encouraging biodiversity through the restoration of Scotland’s beautiful peatlands.
  • A commitment to activity based on stringent scientific standards and diligent research.
  • A firm belief in embracing fairness and transparency in all our business relationships.
  • A commitment to support the businesses, landholders and skilled contractors that we work with, the local communities we want to help – and all of our stakeholders.