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Climate emergency

Climate change poses a terrible threat to our world. We can see the impact in the increasing frequency and severity of storms, droughts, flooding and wildfires.

We’re witnesses to an acceleration and intensification in natural disasters, crop failures and the extinction of species. This is not just a problem, it’s an emergency – and we all have a big part to play in tackling it.

Our role as Caledonian Climate is to champion the extraordinary value of Scotland’s special peatlands in tackling climate change and promoting biodiversity. Restoring these habitats is one of the quickest and most effective Nature Based Solutions there is – and it’s particularly important in terms of Scotland’s response to the crisis. 

These are habitats that currently hold around 1.8 billion tonnes of carbon. But it’s also land under threat – 80% of it is now damaged. Together, we need to fight the climate and nature emergency on our doorstep. Lots of people talk about making the world a better place, but together with our business and landholder partners we truly are – and we want to do much more.