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Natural Capital Finance Conference 2022 - Edinburgh

Natural Capital Finance and Investment Conference 2022 Edinburgh EICC

Caledonian Climate attended day two of the Natural Capital Finance and Investment Conference at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on the 1st November. As ever, the conference was very well attended and there were fascinating discussions had. Read on for our brief summary of the day.

Lorna Slater MSP opened the afternoon session and spoke about the dynamic range of commitments made by the Scottish Government towards protecting and enhancing nature - some highlight quotes from her address were:

"we need to shift finance flows away from activities that pollute and degrade our natural environment and mobilise new and additional funding that restores and regenerates"

"we need to see a shift from funding to financing, to use our public resources to stimulate and help build the private investment market in Scotland"

Rob Passmore introduced the three tiered strategy that the Biosphere Foundation is deploying to raise funds and achieve world leading MRV using remote sensing and an IOT approach. "Hope is an emotion with it's sleeves rolled up" was an overarching statement from this enlightening session.

Harry Grocott explained the environmental technology, or 'ecotech', that underpins the Treeconomy business, looking to regenerate the Atlantic rainforest found across the west coast of Scotland, 95% of which is degraded or gone. Unlocking innovative finance streams from Rhododendron derived Biochar, Harry aims to deliver landscape scale restoration along with a cohort of over 25 partners.

Eoin Murray of Federated Hermes Limited and James Mansfield of Finance Earth delivered a tag team presentation on their innovative collaboration, bringing together complimentary expertise across large-scale investment management, fund design and governance, and nature-climate impact investment services. A clear strategy, aligned with UK policy ambitions, delivering impact and benefit to all stakeholders was presented and will be delivered at the intersection between investors and projects.

Panel discussions were lively and covered policy decisions, scale of projects and ambition, what makes a 'good' carbon standard and credit, and a plethora of technology based innovations from eDNA (NatureMetrics) through to emerging project management tools (Cecil)

A consistent ask from panellists and keynotes alike was a request for Scotland to rapidly adopt and legislate a Biodiversity Net Gain mechanism, possibly across the planning framework. Substantial positive implications of such a move were explored on a number of occasions through the day.

Collaboration was a key theme throughout the day, one that we wholly support, and we look forward to forging new, long term partnerships as we continue to grow and learn.

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