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Consultation Launch - Managing Deer Numbers for Nature and Climate

Deer management and Stag

New Scottish Government Consultation Launched on 'Managing Deer numbers for Nature and Climate' The consultation will run from Friday 5 January 2024 for 12 weeks, closing on Friday 29 March 2024.

With some important consultation themes that have the potential to significantly impact the way that deer are managed in Scotland, this consultation is one that land managers, owners and communities should take note of.

Theme 1 is of particular relevance to peatland restoration as it proposes additional, legally enforceable, direction in the form of a Deer Management Nature Restoration Order (DMNRO) to "secure restoration of nature across a specified area of land".

In identifying areas where a DMNRO could be applied, the paper suggests that "The primary criterion for a DMNRO would be where NatureScot assessed that there are social, economic or environmental benefits to be achieved through nature restoration over a specified area and that deer management will be a key factor or one of the key factors in securing those benefits". Further details of this selection process, referenced within the paper as a "defined and transparent" one will be interesting to better understand.

The consultation will run from Friday 5 January 2024 for 12 weeks, closing on Friday 29 March 2024.

Further information can be found here:

Managing Deer numbers for Nature and Climate

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