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Our services

The role of the experienced and enthusiastic team at Caledonian Climate is to bring together businesses and landholders to tackle the climate and nature emergency through peatland restoration, while realising numerous additional benefits for you, your land, your business, your employees and your communities.

Whether you come to us as a business or a landholder, we believe we can impress you with the speed and effectiveness with which we restore degraded peatlands to their extraordinary beauty and vital role in the natural storage and absorption of carbon dioxide. And we do this while bringing about dramatic improvements in biodiversity, water quality and management, and the future of local communities. 

Business realities

A crucial element of our success is our willingness and determination to put ourselves in our partners’ shoes – whether they are businesses or landholders.

We understand the challenges that business faces in embracing best-practice net zero and nature strategies. There are now numerous carbon credit options available out there but we pride ourselves on an integrated approach which combines the climate and nature benefits which will truly bring the story alive for your customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

You’ll be able to see the impact of your investment unfold for real. A restored peatland is a beautiful place, teeming with native wildlife and plant species – a revitalised environment that your organisation can take great pride in. 

Furthermore, the way that we monitor and audit the progress of the restoration projects will furnish you with the data and insights you need to demonstrate the positive impact that your commitment is making on the Scottish environment and landscape and the race to reverse climate change and nature degradation.

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The landholder perspective

We’re also comfortable putting ourselves in the shoes of our landholder partners – indeed, that’s the background of a number of our team. Across Caledonian Climate, we share a close affinity with the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and understand our responsibility as custodians of land both today and for future generations to come.

We make the essential activity of restoring degraded peatlands both simple to accomplish to the highest standards and financially viable for you as a landholder. We understand the delicate balance between ongoing current activities and the need to act responsibly for future generations. And we’re here to work alongside you to ensure that both are achieved. 

We know the challenges faced by landholders and the sometimes daunting aspects of peatland restoration relating to audits, verification and contractor management. We can lift that burden from you, source financial support and deliver outstanding restoration projects for the benefit of you, your local community and your environment.

We support our landholders every step of the way, ensuring that the process is straightforward, mitigating risk and maximising the value and long-term sustainability of your land.

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